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P4M Genomics projects gather the latest genetic and related medical data towards the P4M concept of Predictive, Preventive, Personalized & Participatory Medicine. We partner with leading companies in order to offer the most advanced genomic-based precision medicine services:

  • Genetic testing powered by our network comprised of world-leading genomic centers
  • Genomic data analysis through our bioinformatics platform

   P4M Genomics Mission

We believe every patient should benefit from the latest breakthroughs in personalized medicine. Our objective is to grant health professionals around the world access to the most relevant and effective tools of genomic medicine.

We utilize the most advanced technologies of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in tandem with the latest bioinformatic tools in order to provide accurate data and meaningful interpretations.

   Our Expertise

The scientists at P4M Genomics comprise PhDs and MDs – experts in genetics, bioinformatics, oncology, neurosciences, programming and healthcare data management. Members of our team pioneered in the field of genetics during the early developments of the genomic era.

A Necessary Move Towards Predictive, Preventive, Personalized & Participatory Medicine

A Necessary Move Towards Predictive, Preventive, Personalized & Participatory Medicine


Prediction: Shift from Reactive Medicine to Proactive Care

Various biomarkers and genetic testing to predict subsequent development of disease in high-risk relatives are slowly being implemented in today’s healthcare. Population screening is still in its infancy, despite its demonstrated cost efficiency.


Prevention: Shift from Illness to Preventive Care

Prevention, including check-up frequency, is determined by the procedure’s cost rather than by predictive measures such as patient predisposition to a specific disease. The development of large-scale, more advanced and personalized prevention will only be possible through the implementation of these predictive measures.


Personalization: Shift from “One Size Fits All” to Relevant Models Fitting Each Patient’s Case

Treatments are still mostly based on a patient’s reaction to specific drugs rather than a patient’s pharmacogenetic profile. Modern oncogenetics goes beyond a patient’s genome, determining tumor genetics in order to optimize treatment.


Participation: Careful Monitoring of Personal Behavior Changes

Up to 40% of annual deaths in the US from leading causes are preventable; behavior tracking must be implemented in healthcare.

DNA Sequencing : a Breakthrough in Healthcare Made Possible Today

DNA Sequencing : a Breakthrough in Healthcare Made Possible Today

Our Cost-Effective Genomic Solutions

We partner with laboratories working with the most advanced Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies, as well as with service providers involved in the development and interpretation of proprietary DNA chip-based analyses. We cover the whole spectrum of genetic tests:

  • Pharmacogenetics: Cytochrome polymorphism profiling
  • Oncogenetics: Patient and Tumor testing
  • Reproductive genetics: Monogenic disorders
  • Predictive genetics: Whole Genome sequencing; whole exome sequencing; specific polymorphisms upon request
Cost per Raw Megabase of DNA Sequence

   Guidance Towards the Most Appropriate Tests from Clinical and Economic StandpointsTesting guidance

We are constantly keeping the scope of our genetic analyses up to date with the latest national and international guidelines on human genetics, along with the most recent publications in the field.

   Economy of Scale, Automatization and Logistics for Cost ReductionEconomy of Scale

Our project sizes make sample batching possible and allow automation and parallelization of analyses. Our experience in logistics and our international presence also provide of a considerable economic advantage.

   Custom-Made, Cost-Effective, Multilevel InterpretationCustom reporting

The implementation of specific bioinformatics tools and key algorithms on our platform allow automated report generation and recommendations for additional testing towards optimal treatment adjustment. Depending on our partners’ involvement in report interpretation, we offer multiple levels of advanced clinical support through our team of medical experts.

The Stunning Example of Pharmacogenomics

The Stunning Example of Pharmacogenomics

Patient Treatments Must be Tailored to Their Genetic Backgrounds

Regarding pharmaceuticals, one size does not fit all. Patients need to be classified as:

  • Non responders
  • Toxic responders
  • Fast responders
  • Slow responders

It’s far more important to know what person the disease has than what disease the person has.

Hippocrates cite
Cost per Raw Megabase of DNA Sequence

  • 2.1 million experience Adverse Drug Response (ADR) in the US
  • 100 000 people die every year because of ADR

This generates close to $200 billion USD in added healthcare costs

Customization, AI and the Future

We are constantly monitoring and implementing the latest advances in AI, genetics and pharmacology. We are able to pass on our knowledge through tailor-made services to medical groups, from data and process management through to advanced diagnostics. Our goal is to help medical groups globally modernize their structures and offerings.