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Dr Ivan de Weber, PhD
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Dr. Ivan de Weber

Chief Scientific Officer

  • PhD (Cellular Biology)

Dr. de Weber is behind the development of innovative concepts in aging genetics with game-changing implications in the fields of pharmaceutical research and stem cell therapies. He specializes in implementing novel bioinformatics methods in early-stage drug discovery, and currently leads pharma-oriented research to select active nutraceutical compounds based on their ability to modulate targeted gene expression. Through the P4M Genomics platform, he is also involved in establishing cutting edge genetic testing services with the aim to implement personalized medicine on a large scale.

Dr. de Weber holds a PhD from the University of Geneva in the field of cellular biology, and a post-doctoral certificate in pharmaceutical bioinformatics from Uppsala University.

  • Aging Genetics
  • Pharmaceutical bioinformatics
  • Cellular biology
  • Research & Development