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P4M Labs A Necessary Move Towards the Future

Our group focuses on healthcare and life sciences with the aim of implementing P4 Medicine on a large scale while developing underlying technologies.

Our compagnies:

  • Advance Formulas "From Nutraceuticals to Pharmaceuticals - For Prevention & Participation"
    We are applying tools from pharmaceutical research pertaining to artificial intelligence to produce unique nutraceutical formulas.

  • Ephycient CRM "Organization & Optimization of Healthcare Data - From Personalization to Participation"
    More than a simple Customer Relationship Management software, Ephycient enables its users to manage and coordinate entire healthcare teams.

  • Ephycient Genomics "Advanced Implementation of the P4M Concept"
    The service covers the whole spectrum of genetic analyzes through a network of world leading genomic centers.

  • Homecare "Our Initial Step Towards P4M"
    Our vision of medical homecare services management optimization saw the light through Kiné@Dom, SEL, which has become the French leader in physiotherapy at home in 2015.

The P4 Medicine Concept


Identify risks to inform health strategies


Shift from reactive to proactive medicine


Shift from “one size fits all” to Relevant Models Fitting Each Patient’s Case


Inform and empower individuals to make smart healthcare decisions

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Ephycient Genomics

Launch of Ephycient Genomics Services

Ephycient Genomics partners with laboratories working with the most advanced Next Generation Sequencing technologies to offer Pharmacogenetic, Oncogenetic, Reproductive genetic & Predictive genetic tests.

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P4M Labs co-founded Advance Formulas

P4M Labs launches Advance Formulas

P4M Labs launches Advance Formulas SARL, producing nutraceuticals based on the latest data from the fields of genomics & pharmacology. Our pioneering research uses artificial intelligence to develop unique formulas towards life extension and wellbeing.

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Kiné@Dom reports 2016 annual revenues

Over 49,000 physiotherapy consultations in 2016

Kiné@Dom, our pilot company for The @Dom Concept, reports over 49,000 physiotherapy consultations in 2016 and 491% increase in the number of consultations between Year 1 and Year 5.

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